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The Paint Booth at Dakota Body Shop

Refinish Repair

Dakota Body Shop uses Dupont automotive finishes for all repairs made. Dupont has over 28,000 color formulas available and Dakota Body Shop has a Master Mix Tinting system in the shop which allows them to mix any color on the spot. With the Tinting colors available an accurate color match for your vehicle is possible.

Dupont finishes are used from bare metal to the top coat finish to insure a quality repair that will last for years. All of Dakota Body Shop technicians have attended Dupont continuing education seminars to keep up on the latest state of the art products and application procedures.

A cross draft paint booth with a fresh air exchange system is used to help control the painting environment. This allows outside air that is heated in winter to be used to remove vapor from the booth instead of contaminated shop air. The shop also uses HVLP (high volume low pressure) paint guns to apply all products.

Dakota Body Shop is located at

104 E. Howard St
Howard SD 57349.
Phone (605)-772-5711
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